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Witty quotations by water lovers, old wise proverbs and humourous catchprases

Read the best one-liners and sayings about the most important element of our body and on this planet, water. Also known as H2O under its scientific name, people all around the world need it. For thirst, agriculture or to play with in the pool during hot summers.

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  • My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them
  • I like my water like I like my jokes - dry. Wait, no, that's not right...
  • Water is the essence of life. Except for coffee. Coffee is also the essence of life.
  • I'm not addicted to water, I can quit anytime I want... but why would I? It's delicious and free
  • Life is like a glass of water. Enjoy it while it's still full
  • I'm not afraid of ghosts, but I am afraid of running out of water in the shower

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  • I love water, especially frozen into cubes and completely surrounded by vodka
  • Beer doesn't solve any problems, but so doesn't water
  • The best drink is water, but you shouldn't always want the best
  • A water lily is a life threatening plant, if you stay under it longer then 5 minutes, you are dead
  • Kissing is like drinking salt water, you keep on drinking, but your thirst remains
  • Throw a bucket of dirty water together with a bucket of clean water and you will have two buckets of dirty water
  • Terrorrists plant fear, politicians water it
  • Save water, drink beer
  • In beer there is freedom, in wine there is health, in brandy there is power and in water there are bacterias


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