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Online Games Stunning GraphicsPlay online multiplayer games for free. From medieval city building games, to first person shooter action games or the latest online role playing games.

Defeat the universe. The depths of space, a mighty empire - it’s not an easy job to develop colonies here and to defend these colonies against other fleets.

The vast space of the galaxy is ready to be discovered by those who are brave enough! Conquer enemy territories with powerful spaceships, have the strategic capability to trade for resources and form alliances with other emperors. Face the battle of the new worlds!

S.K.I.L.L. stands for your mission as a Secret Kommando: Infiltrate. Liquidate. Liberate.
Throw yourself into gripping combat - on your own or in groups of up to 16 friends in multiplayer mode.

Thanks to the Unreal3 Engine and the professional sound design, these authentic battles will get under your skin.

Enjoy classic first person shooter action and discover fascinating modes in which you can go out alien hunting on your own or become a Sectoid yourself.

This fast-paced multiplayer action game offers everything that a shooter fan’s desires: different weapons and equipment items, individually customisable characters, diverse maps, as well as a large selection of different games modes. S.K.I.L.L. (Secret Kommando: Infiltrate. Liquidate, Liberate.)

The weapon noises were especially recorded and edited for the game by professional sound designers with Hollywood experience.


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