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Cheap Gardening Equipment ShopsBuy your gardening supplies, garden tools and planting material in online garden shops in the UK

The best gardening (power)tools to maintain your garden, flowers and plants available in English internet shops against affordable and cheap prices

Create your own litte paradise in front of your house or in your own backyard. With the right garden tools, supplies, seeds and plants, you can endulge yourself in your gardening hobby. Create nice sitting areas, quit reading corners or colourfull borders with lots of flowers throughout the seasons. The online garden stores in England provide you with all the right planting material, flower seeds and bulbs. Together with the right garden tools, maintaining your garden was never so easy.

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Browse the best online garden stores for your garden material and equipment. Find the cheapest products and buy directly online from the comfort of your home.


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Birds & wildlife

Help our feathered friends in good and bad times. Buy them food, shelter and places to eat and where they can bathe themselves.



With the spring in the air and the summer on the way, the barbeques can be taken out of their winter shelters.


Compost & Soil


Flower shops


Garden care

    • Lawn food
      Grass seed
      Weed killer

Garden furniture

Whether you go go camping or stay at home to relax and sit in the sun, with the right furniture you will enjoy even moren.


Garden tools

With the proper garden tools, gardening becomes even more fun and relaxing. Enjoy while working in the garden, but not straining yourself because you have the right equipment.

  • My-tool-shed
    • Garden feed & seed
      Axes & splitting wedges
      Digging & cultivating
      Garden feed & seed
      Lwan & hedge care
      Watering products
  • Toolstop

Garden power tools

Gardening becomes an easy task with the right power tools to help you in your daily and weekly chores around the house. with the right tool, even the most resistant man can't resist to help out in the garden.

  • My-tool-shed
    • Blowers & mulching vacs
      Log splitters
      Chainsaws & accessories
      Expand it attachments
      Grass trimmers & brushcutters
      Hedge trimmers
      Lawnrakers & sweepers
      Leafbusters blowers & mulching vacs
      Mower blade sharpener
      Powered pruning machines
      Shrub & shear kit
      Strimmer spool - lines & accessories
      Submersible pumps

Pest control

  • JDS DIY Bugs, insects, slugs & rodents

Swimming pools



    • Hoses
      Fittings & connectors
      Water cans

Outdoor canvas posters

Outdoor Canvas Posters GardenYou can order an outdoor canvas poster you for your garden or balcony.

Upload Your Own PhotoYou can upload your own picture to create your own unique garden poster or balcony canvas or choose from thousands of high resolution photos in all kinds of categories.

  • Animals
    Beach and palm trees
    Buddha and various statues
    Fields of lavenders
    Forest & Parks
    Willem Haenraets Artist
    Winter landscapes

Hanging systems

There are all kinds of hanging systems available for your outdoor posters.

  • Gardendecoration
    • Only outdoor canvas
      Aluminum tube frame
      Stainless steel eyelets
      Scaffolding (garden) wood
      Wooden frame
      Visible wooden frame
      With tulle
      Self adhesive

Outdoor lighting

Create a nice warm atmosphere in your garden when the evening falls. With the right outdoor lighting, you can have candles, spots and indirect lights at whatever object you want to be noticed.


Garden games

Playing outside is one of the best things a young child can do. Althought with one single ball or rope they can entertain themselves for hours, there are also large outdoor toys and games you can buy to play with your kids. Fun for the entire family.

View more toy stores with fun games to play outside.