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Your pet is one of your dearest 'posessions' you have, so you only want the best of the best. Wheter you like dogs, cats, mice or squirrels and birds in your garden, the online animal stores and pet shops in the United Kingdom provide a wide variety of animal products to tailor your needs. Browse the online pet stores to find the best products for all kinds of animals you can think of.

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Surprise box for cats & dogs - Subscription services

PawPost are a newly launched subscription service for cats and dogs. You will receive 5-7 different products each month for your pets.

These products will include, treats, toys, hygiene products, as well as some items for you, the owner.

The monthly box is saving you up to 40% per item if you where to buy them in-store.


Pest control

Not all animals are equally wanted by everyone and some are even very unwanted guests that can cause serious problems to your house or healt. With the right pest control products, you can prevent unwanted guests from entering your home.

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